So today we’ve been talking about schadenfreude – that describes the satisfying feeling you get when something bad happens to someone else. And that’s an example of a loanword – a word from one.

My irony-schadenfreude axis is tilting really hard right now. Meanwhile, in other “truth-and-consequences” news for labor.

This administration is an astonishing window into the psyche of America today. I am simultaneously engulfed with the latest.

The German word schadenfreude refers to delighting in the misfortunes of others, when their misfortune is of no real direct benefit to you. Although I feel uneasy even writing it, this happens quite.

Schadenfreude is often tied to a sense of justice and delight that someone gets what "they deserve." For example, an individual who persecutes "wrong ideas" in social media who experiences great joy when others agree and the target is widely attacked and humiliated. As such, schadenfreude is associated with self-righteousness and moral smugness.

After I explained it to the other guests, it became obvious to me (and probably to them) that envy is not the same as schadenfreude. But it made me realize that envy is often the motivation for it.

Facebook Twitter Pinterest Whoops! Careful you don’t slip up. photograph: ilka & Franz/The Observer Today schadenfreude is all around us. It’s there in the way we do politics, how we treat celebrities.

Whenever NBA calls, new Hornets guard Jorge Gutierrez is ready to scramble March 1, 2016 – charlotte hornets general Manager Rich Cho announced today that the team has signed guard Jorge Gutierrez to a second 10-day contract. Gutierrez signed his first 10-day contract.

 · Schadenfreude Monday Continues. By Jon Gabriel, Ed. Chief.. Today, U.S. attorneys indicted not only Trump-era villain and creepy porn lawyer Michael Avenatti, but.

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But bask in the schadenfreude at your own risk. whether they would replicate the departmental organizations they have.

HERO DAD KILLS ROBBERY SUSPECT An armed robbery suspect, Jimoh Yekini, on Tuesday in Ibadan, Oyo State, said he "mistakenly" stoned his friend’s father to death. Yekini, 36, also known as Ejo (snake), told journalists while being paraded with other armed robbery suspects at the state police command that his usual weapon of attack was a stone.

Who do I hate today? Some mornings I ask this question even before my husband and I have downed our coffee. Is it the woman enrolled in a.

But nonetheless this is one of the reasons why we’ve got so interested in schadenfreude today. Vincent M. Wales: Well I had a question that you already answered. Gabe Howard: That’s how good you are!

and schadenfreude. Last week, Shiv Roy Ivanka Trump, official presidential advisor and first daughter, paid a visit to.