President Donald Trump will deliver the Air Force Academy's graduation speech on May 30, the White House confirmed Thursday.

President trump delivers air force Academy Commencement Speech. 0:42 4,690 Views. KUSI News. Trump speaks at Air Force Graduation. 2:49:26 7,827 views. wcyb. president trump delivers remarks at the 2019 United States Air Force Academy Graduation Ce. 1:13:49 195,623 Views. Local 21 CBS. – ABC News (@ABC) May 17, 2017 Trump delivered the ceremony’s commencement speech, during which he again railed against the press’ treatment of him. "Look at the way I’ve.

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C-Span also had Trump’s speech scheduled for 8:00 p.m. EDT on Thursday. This will be the first speech Trump will deliver during the 2019 commencement season, but about a week earlier, Vice.

President Trump delivered the commencement speech at the Coast Guard Academy in Connecticut on Wednesday morning. Trump made no reference to recent events until the very end of his speech, when he.

"As long as I am your president. FBI Director James Comey-was delivered in a commencement speech rife with generalized aphorisms and motivational quotes one might see on a local yoga studio’s.

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Speaking at the U.S. Air force academy commencement, Trump praised the class of "rock-ribbed American patriots" and paid tribute to them for choosing "a harder path and a higher calling.

President Obama delivers the commencement address to the 58th graduating class of the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado. This is his final graduation speech as President.June 2, 2016.

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This is the Trump's first visit to the Air Force Academy as president. The last president to deliver a commencement speech at the school was.

President Donald Trump delivered the commencement speech at Liberty University on Saturday morning, May 13th, 2017. On the university’s website, the institution says it offers students "a world-class.

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You are going to be ready to lead." President Donald Trump recognized an Air Force Academy cadet who won the College Home Run Derby and called him to stage, while delivering a commencement speech in.