Kirstie Ennis, a former U.S. Marine who is currently seeking to be the first woman with a leg amputated above the knee to climb Mount Everest, will be among the featured speakers at the Cure 4 The.

Kirstie Ennis Marine veteran and amputee pushes limits climbing Mt Everest in hopes of setting a record. This Marine veteran’s climb is making history. Former marine climbing everest in hopes of being first female above the knee amputee to reach the top

Marine veteran kirstie ennis had her left leg amputated above the knee after she suffered injuries in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan. Now she’s planning to climb Mount Everest with a prosthetic.

Follow Marine Veteran Kirstie Ennis, climbing Everest But as she and her team settled into Camp IV the attempt became even more dangerous. With an elevation of 8000m (26,000 ft) it’s known as.

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Intrepid former U.S. Marine Kirstie Ennis has begun the climb of her life!. I may actually stand on top of the world on one leg.". Hopes to Inspire Young Women – by Climbing Everest.

Marine Veteran Kirstie Ennis Doesn’t Take This Body for Granted.. and no one is more surprised than Ennis that it’s her.. In three weeks she’ll climb the Carstensz Pyramid (aka Puncak Jaya.

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The United states marine corps vet posted a picture on Instagram of her photoshoot with ESPN, where she goes rock climbing proudly wearing her prosthetic leg.and nothing else. If you want to learn more about Kirstie Ennis’ ESPN Body Issue and the inspiring athlete herself, we’ve got the scoop.

Climb For ROMP Days 1-3 – Kirstie Ennis Foundation.. If you have any Colorado veteran friends with a hankering to climb the highest point in North America, tag them below!. Hey @lpga_tour – you looking for a lady with one leg!? Great start to our morning here in Raleigh, NC at the.

Prince Harry’s Hero Amputee Kirstie Ennis at Base Camp on Everest.. Intrepid former U.S. Marine Kirstie Ennis has begun the climb of. I may actually stand on top of the world on one leg.".

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